Beer Spa

Beer Spa

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Old Town of Prague

Price from:

49 EUR / person

About Beer Spa

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You've probably tasted the mighty Czech beer, but did you know of its regenerative powers? In Prague's Beer Spa you can completely unwind in huge hand-carved oak whirlpool tubs filled with brewer's yeast. Detox and recharge your body so you're ready for the next adventure! Oh and of course, while you're at it you can also enjoy chilled pints of lager to make the most of the yeast!


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Included in the standard price is:

  • Traditional beer pearl bath - 30 min.
  • Unlimited consumption of Beer Bernard
  • Relax in heated bed - 30 minutes
  • Original souvenir for everybody
  • Memorable ePhoto
1-2 pers. 1 bath2 pers. 2 baths3-4 pers. 2 baths3-4 pers. 3 baths5-6 pers. 3 baths
Without massage2690 CZK3290 CZK4890 CZK6390 CZK7290 CZK
With massage 20 min3790 CZK4390 CZK6490 CZK8490 CZK9790 CZK
With massage 60 min5390 CZK----

(The prices above are per procedure, not per person.)

Additional refreshment
20 pcs of sausages (500g), bread, pickles+790 CZK / pcs
Pickled cheese 200g, Bio quality, bread+299 CZK / pcs
Homemade pickled sausage with onion 3pcs, bio quality, bread+299 CZK / pcs
Homemade traditional greaves spread 180ml, bread+299 CZK / pcs
Csabai sausages 200g, home-bread, pickles+299 CZK / pcs

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