Private River Cruise

Private River Cruise

Opening hours:As per your needs
Location:Vltava River / New Town
Price from:375 EUR

About River Cruise

Embark on a journey like no other with our private boat tours in Prague. Cruise through the heart of the city with your closest friends, surrounded by breathtaking views and unbeatable charm. Elevate your experience with optional add-ons, from indulgent food and drinks to exciting entertainment choices. Secure your spot today and prepare for an unforgettable adventure on the waters of Prague. Don't let this opportunity slip away – create lasting memories with us and make every moment count!


Base price

375 EUR / 1h, max. 130 people


Buffet A (23 EUR / person)

Cold Buffet: Pork ham, Smoked meat – roasted, Durable salami "Turista" and paprika salami, Eidam, smoked Platan, Niva cheese, Fish pepper cookies

Salads: Fresh vegetable salad with Balkan cheese, Pasta salad with mushrooms, Homemade potato salad, Red beans with corn, Znojmo pickles

Hot Buffet: Beef goulash, Halušky with smoked meat and cabbage, Roasted chicken, Pangasius with herbs, Onion rings

Sides: Dollar chips, Steamed warm vegetables, Steamed rice, Traditional Czech potato pancakes, Bread dumplings, Bread, pastries, Mini desserts – two types


Buffet B (31 EUR / person)

Cold Buffet: Select pork ham, Moravian smoked rump, Delicate pâté, Hercules salami, Chorizo salami, Fuet, Silesian head cheese, A variety of select cheeses

Salads: Three types of chopped fresh vegetables + Balkan cheese, Caesar salad, Seafood salad, Cabbage salad with pineapple and carrot, Pitted black olives

Warm Buffet: Beef goulash, Chicken Chinese style, Baked salmon with herbs, Spicy chicken wings, Chicken mini schnitzels, Fried onion rings

Sides: French mini potatoes, Traditional Czech potato pancakes, Select warm vegetables in butter, Rice, A variety of bread

Mini Desserts: Apple strudel, Homemade pancakes, Chocolate cake, Tiramisu slices, Fresh Fruit – Fruit Salad

VIP Buffet (58 EUR / person)

Cold Refreshments – 200 g/person

Cold platters and Finger-food, set up on a buffet table

  • Vitello tonnato: Slices of roasted meat served with roasted root vegetables, tuna
  • Beef roast beef with fennel salad and herb sauce
  • Roasted beef pink with herb dip and marinated fennel
  • Slices of Parma ham served on Grissini
  • Slice of dried pork ham wrapped on Italian bread
  • Dried duck breast with celery stalk salad and sun-dried tomato
  • Dried duck breast (prosciutto)
  • Roasted turkey breast, served with pea puree and bacon dust
  • Sliced meat, served with boiled peas, mint, and sage
  • Turkey mini schnitzels
  • Shrimp roasted with chili and Thai basil, served with coriander
  • Tiger shrimp served on toast
  • Beetroot with celery puree, eggplant, and roasted sweet potato
  • Roasted beet in balsamic vinegar honey and orange sprinkled with mint and olive oil
  • Chickpea hummus with roasted pumpkin, herb oil, arugula
  • Boiled chickpeas with herbs, chili, roasted pumpkin, and olive oil
  • Aging Czech cheese served on light toast
  • Variety of bread - 100g/person

Warm Buffet – 700 g/person

  • Beef cheeks with a strong wine sauce, buttered potatoes, and roasted shallot
  • Pork tenderloin roasted with herbs with celery puree and roasted beetroot
  • Turkey breast Sous-vide served on a tomato butter sauce with mashed sweet potatoes
  • Shrimp Paella with coriander and chopped vegetables
  • Buckwheat risotto with roasted mushrooms and spinach leaves

Mini Desserts / Sweet bar – 2 pcs/person

  • Honey balls coated in nut flour
  • Baked cheesecake with blueberry sauce
  • Variety of pralines
  • Traditional Italian Tiramisu
  • Fresh fruit (apple, pear, orange, melon, pineapple)

Fruit salad


  • Unlimited Beer: 16 EUR / person
  • Midget Hire: 415 EUR / hour
  • Strip Boat: 160 EUR
  • Male Strip: 160 EUR
  • Beer Bus Shuttle: 500 EUR

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